4 Top Fantasy Sports Games

Are you looking to start a fantasy sports league with a few friends? Or are you that experienced veteran of a fantasy sports league? Either way, it’s good to understand the most popular fantasy sports games. It’ll be particularly useful as you seek to explore the best fantasy sports games for your gaming community.

Fantasy sports are very popular across the world. And with good reasons. It allows fans to test their theories about how to play a game. And which players can work well together. Simply put, fantasy sports combine creativity with knowledge.

There are numerous fantasy sports leagues worldwide, all buzzing with the competition. But which leagues are the most popular? Read on to find out.

The Most Popular Leagues

  • Fantasy Football

The United States alone has about 45.9 million fantasy sports players. Out of this number, about 78 percent of them play fantasy football. That makes fantasy football the United States’ most popular fantasy sport.

But wait a minute!

That isn’t the case across the entire world.

Most fantasy sports trends follow the most watched sport in a given country. India’s most popular fantasy sport is cricket, while fantasy soccer is the most popular in the UK.

The popularity of fantasy football makes it highly competitive. It has two main types of leagues: dynasty and keeper leagues. However, there are several other league types available, including auction league and redraft league.

  • Fantasy Baseball

As a fantasy sports lover, it might interest you to know that about 39 percent of fantasy sports players play fantasy baseball. And that the best baseball simulation games have thousands of new players daily.

Fantasy baseball was once the world’s most popular fantasy sports game. Sounds interesting? It would later be overtaken by fantasy football.

Why such a turn of events? You might ask. The simple answer is the frequency of game play.

While football games are staged only once a week, baseball has to contend with 162 games per season. Therefore, fantasy football allows even casual players enough time to research and analyze before the next game.

On the other hand, you don’t stand a chance in fantasy baseball unless you dedicate time to play every single evening of the week.

  • Fantasy Basketball

About 19 percent of the world’s fantasy sports players have fantasy basketball as their favorite game. This presents a strange turn of events because the number of people who watch basketball is much higher.

If you’re a basketball fan, then you know for a fact that NBA enjoys 40 million more fans than MLB.

Then why is fantasy basketball ranked third globally? You might ask. The answer lies in the number of games played in a season and their frequency.

To succeed in fantasy basketball, you need much more attention than what an average player puts in.

  • Fantasy Hockey

Fourth on the list of the most popular fantasy sports is fantasy hockey. Formed in 1976, it’s the oldest of all fantasy sports games. But fantasy hockey’s leads are very long-running. A typical pool has hundreds of stats updates a night.

If you’re an obsessive hockey fan, then this game will suit you. And that’s partly the reason it isn’t as popular as games that you can play more casually.


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