Best Cryptocurrency Market in 2022 | Staking Cryptocurrency

Unorthodox ways how to maximize money-making in the cryptocurrency market

Trading cryptocurrencies on an exchange like Binance or Kraken or entering into future contracts related to cryptocurrencies is far from the only and traditional way of making money in the cryptocurrency market.

The only thing that stands between people from discovering various strategies and ways to make money in this market is only a matter of education, once people read enough and educate themselves enough on the various ways of DeFi strategies and means to make money in the cryptocurrency markets.

This cryptocurrency market will take off to the next level as it will become as mainstream as running any kind of business that’s overcrowded in recent times.

The cryptocurrency market and blockchain is a hyper-disruptive way and change in the digital operating system of the whole world.

The beauty of this is that one can learn how to generate an income just by learning about it and actively keeping themselves up to date with the activities going on the market.

If you also want to take your crypto earnings to the next level and want to learn about the various ways then you are at the right place, let’s look at the ways you can generate income in the cryptocurrency market.

Top 3 Best Cryptocurrency Market


This is as simple as putting your money into a savings account that gives interest or a fixed deposit that gives you yearly interest on a fixed deposit amount. The concept is extremely simple and a great way to put your crypto to work and generate passive income for yourself.

When you stake your holdings you enter into different contracts with whatever platform you stake your holdings on and get a fixed amount of return on your holdings over time.

You get an extremely good yield return on your holdings that you put into staking and there are various options as well such as Flexi staking and locked staking.

It’s a part of DeFi that Tally Greenberg, head of business development at crypto hosting provider All nodes, says will continue to grow in mainstream popularity.

“Staking has existed since 2012. It’s not going anywhere because it’s an income-generating tool and the whole market of cryptocurrencies is going to grow,” she says. “This is not your typical savings account where your maximum can be 0.5% to 1.5% if it’s a high-yield savings account. In the case of staking, you’re talking about anywhere between 5% to 15% in passive income per year.”

If you also want to dive into the world of staking I would suggest you stake the FAN token, it is a native token of the world’s first cryptocurrency fantasy platform and a perfect place for anyone who loves fantasy sports and wants to do a staking investment as well to dive into.

FAN offers up to an 18% APY and allows Flexi staking and fixed staking options to its holders and stakers making it much better than traditional fixed deposits.

You can check out the fan token and its staking options on —


Non Fungible Tokens or popularly known as NFTs, are basically digital assets that include art, land, estate, and various other things and are linked to smart contracts. Each NFT is unique and identifiable and cannot be duplicated as it is not fungible.

NFTs consist of two types of people collectors and creators, it gives collectors an early chance at getting good artworks at good prices and uses them as their own Intellectual Property for whatever they want as they own them completely and can give proof of ownership as well this reduces counterfeiting and stealing of art as well.

The creators are able to monetize their art and generate a source of income for themselves apart from the traditional methods. As everything is going digital therefore this is a perfect way for artists and musicians to dive into the digital spade effortlessly without much investment of theirs and also monetize their work.

> Lending

If you are a whale or an investor who has managed to hold a lot of cryptocurrencies and does not know what to do with them, then lending is the perfect place for you. You can lend your holdings on various platforms and earn interest in it. This is also the adoption of the traditional way of lending money where you need licenses and permissions, but here everything is taken care of by the platform and so you can lend your crypto effortlessly.



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