Bitcoin Fantasy Sports

3 min readMay 5, 2021

Fantasy sports are taking everyone by storm. Their action is based on real-life athletes. Fantasy sports players can combine these players in virtual teams, and this offers them innumerable opportunities.

You can participate in fantasy sports such as baseball, basketball, and football, among others. You get the opportunity to watch your favorite players appear on the same team. If they record good performance in real life, your team does so too.

The only challenge with fantasy sports is that it isn’t free for everyone to participate. Besides, they can sometimes get out of reach for many people and may prohibit players from engaging in betting options. This leaves a number of potential players with no solution to their problem.

Online Gambling Prohibitions

Although most fantasy sports are free, many of them won’t allow you to place real money bets. Since they’re considered a form of gambling, you’ll find it hard to place a bet on your team using your credit card or other traditional payment forms.

With such gambling restrictions in place, you’ll need to come up with an alternative payment option that will allow you to bet and win money safely. That’s why cryptocurrency payments come in.

Bitcoin Payment: A Solution to the Restrictions

Bitcoin has emerged as an alternative payment form to bridge the gap between betting options and online payments. The digital currency’s popularity and rapid growth make it a safe way to bet online. Keep in mind that Bitcoin is the world’s top cryptocurrency by market capitalization. But how does bitcoin fantasy sports really work? You may ask.

It involves using Bitcoin to pay for your online bets.

Why use Bitcoin?

Using Bitcoin to place bets in fantasy sports comes with many advantages.

To begin with, Bitcoin is a completely anonymous form of payment. As such, it’s not possible for anyone to associate you with the winnings you may have earned. Both you and your winnings are safe.

Another benefit is Bitcoin’s safety. There isn’t any link between Bitcoin and your bank accounts. As such, you don’t need to worry about online security breaches that are known to jeopardize many people’s money. That means your money is safe when you use Bitcoin to gamble.

The very nature of digital currencies such as Bitcoin makes them a great way to place bets online. You don’t need to use any withdrawals or deposits, as is the case with credit cards and other forms of payment. Everything is so simple that you can place your bets within a few minutes. It would be so difficult choosing another option since you’d have to wait for it to be accepted before you can begin betting.

Lastly, Bitcoin can overcome any gambling-related restrictions. For example, the US restricts any form of gambling on betting sites. But with Bitcoins, it’s possible to bypass any such restrictions and bet online.

To be even more secure, you might want to use anonymous cryptocurrencies such as Z Cash to bet online. However, there aren’t any fantasy sports online that accept Z Cash at the moment. Nevertheless, digital currencies present an important step towards improving users’ experience in fantasy sports.




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