Countdown to FIFA World Cup 2022: What’s in store for Fantasy Football?

3 min readJan 31, 2022


An hourglass shaped prop, with a circle around it, and clock at its bottom

On Sunday, November 21st, 2021, at Doha’s Corniche Fishing Spot, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM Official Countdown Clock was presented, marking one year before the big kick-off.

The beautiful clock was shown to fans across the world who tuned in — live, to FIFA’s YouTube channel and to begin the one-year countdown in sync with 150 guests at the special event in Qatar.

The Countdown Clock will build excitement as it counts down the hours, minutes, and seconds until the first game at Al Bayt Stadium on Monday, November 21, 2022.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino said: “I’ve been involved in the organization of sports events for the past few decades; I’ve never witnessed anything like what is happening here. Everything is ready, and the venues will be fantastic. The experience for the fans will be great.

The world will discover a country and a whole region. Qatar, the Gulf region, the Middle East, the Arab world. A place where people meet and come together. This is what football is all about, this is about what this part of the world and its culture is all about, and the world will realize that.”

Which Countries Have Qualified So Far?

Qatar earned automatic qualification as the tournament’s host and will be joined by more eligible competitors.

Germany, the four-time World Cup champion, was the first to secure a spot in Europe through the qualification process, while Brazil, the most successful national team in World Cup history with five titles, qualified quickly as one of the top four teams in South America’s groups.

England qualified for the tournament in November after winning their qualification group. Denmark, France, Croatia, Belgium, Spain, Serbia, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Argentina are among the other countries that qualified. There are more qualifiers to play before the remaining cup players are determined.

Who’s in Play-Offs?

While England has already qualified for the tournament by winning their group, Scotland, Wales and Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal must first compete in the play-offs, from which three more teams will proceed in March.

However, because Scotland and Wales have been placed on the same path, if they overcome Ukraine and Austria in their respective play-off semi-finals, they will face each other for a place in next year’s World Cup.

If Italy and Portugal win their semi-finals, they will play each other in a winner-take-all play-off final. The play-offs for a trip to Qatar will be held from March 24 to March 29.

What’s in store for fantasy players?

From the convenience of your mobile phone or desktop, you may be a Qatar 2022 coach on Fanspel and emulate Didier Deschamps, Joachim Low, and Tite. You will be given a budget of 100 credits where you will purchase an 11-player squad.

In each of the rounds, you will have to choose 11 of them to play. These players provide you points for assists, goals, saves, and clean sheets. You’re in charge of the team. There are a few little surprises that add to the intrigue of Qatar 22 Fantasy Football.

Selecting Your Squad

You must choose one goalkeeper, three to five defenders, three to five midfielders, and one to three attackers. You can select up to 7 players from each competing team, and select a captain and vice-captain for gaining additional points making them the most crucial selection.

Final Thought

It’s too exciting not to take part in the upcoming tournament, and fantasy football is always available to keep you entertained. You can run a football pool for yourself, a group, or even a company with fantasy football. Employees might compete against one another or against their team/department.




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