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Cryptocurrency Football Fan Tokens

A complete guide to the football fan tokens

Football fan tokens are something that has gathered a lot of interest from football clubs especially the extremely popular ones, even F1 teams like Alpine have dived into the fan token space as it created an extremely good way of marketing and catering to their fans in different ways.

Many of these football clubs have entered the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain, the major clubs that are currently involved in the space are PSG, FC Barcelona, AC Milan, AS Roma, etc.

These football fan tokens are a good way to pay your players bonuses and fees as it makes a self-sustainable ecosystem for the club and fans.

Recently we noticed that Messi shocked the world by leaving Barcelona and joining PSG, one of the most unexpected transfers as nobody thought that Messi would leave the club he’s been so attached to. They paid him a one million bonus all in PSG fan tokens.

Football fan tokens have been attracting all the popular clubs to dive into the cryptocurrency tokens and blockchain world, this is not only helping their ecosystem but also showing how important and useful the blockchain is to all mainstream businesses.

Let’s have a look and understand what exactly are these football fan tokens

Football fan tokens are a digital asset and a form of cryptocurrency that allows its investors/holders to be involved in important decisions taken by the club, These fans are also provided special merchandise and access to different promotions and games too. It just makes it an extremely interactive experience and makes them feel more connected to the club and players.

For example, PSG allowed its fan token holders to vote for an inspirational message that would be written on the armbands of the players, Galatasray allowed its fans to choose the song that would be played when the team walks in the stadium. FC Barcelona’s first poll allowed its holders to vote on the design of the mural that would be used in the dressing room.

These tokens are a great way for clubs to give something ABC to their fans and make them feel extremely connected and special, the holders show their support by buying these tokens and the club shows their love to the fans via various modes of gratitude.

Apart from them being used to provide fans more connection with the club it also allows the fans to buy merchandise or experiences through the official websites which makes it amazing for the whole ecosystem of the club.

These tokens can also provide monetary benefits to the fans as cryptocurrency can fluctuate in price due to the demand. This makes it an extremely good way for fans to support their club, reap a lot of benefits and earn money as well by trading their favourite club’s fan token.

Extremely good market cap and presence on exchanges

Currently as per market cap, one of the biggest tokens is PSG’s fan token with a market cap of over $53 million followed by Manchester United in second with $42 million and we have Atletico Madrid and FC Barcelona taking the third and fourth spot respectively.

Fans can easily purchase these tokens via the major exchanges but this only applies to the popular and big clubs, smaller club tokens are usually available directly on the DEX and can be purchased from there. The price of each token is decided by the seller and it fluctuates depending on supply and demand,

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