Daily Crypto Fantasy Sports Platform | Crypto Fantasy Analysis

Daily Crypto-Based Fantasy Sports Platform | Cryptocurrency Investment

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain the ultimate solution for Daily Fantasy Sports operators?

Daily Fantasy Sports platforms should actively use cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology as fantasy sports and cryptocurrency are both one of the top fastest growing industries in the world right now.

The daily fantasy sports industry has been evolving rapidly now, with numerous states and countries setting rules and regulations for this industry so that complete fair play is maintained and all the rules related to this new age way of indulging in your favourite sports matches are kept in check.

The industry is extremely lucrative and fast growing therefore nobody wants to lose out on it. Similar things are happening with the cryptocurrency industry too where countries are setting laws behind the trade of these digital assets so that it is not misused for wrong and illegal things.

Fantasy Sports in a nutshell

Fantasy sports players create lineups of their favourite players according to their previous performance and often use the money to enter these fantasy sports contests, the success of these players entering the contests is based on the real-life performances of their lineups in the subsequent game and contests that a player chooses to enter, once the total performance is assessed on the basis of points a leaderboard is formed and winners are paid out accordingly, fantasy sports requires skills and knowledge and therefore it is considered a game of skill and not gambling.

Consumer protection in fantasy sports

Most of the fantasy sports platforms require a complete KYC of their users, there are age limits, deposit, and withdrawal limits as well which kind of restrict a person’s play.

Transitioning into cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and using such digital currencies could be the safest way for anyone to enter these contests, you can avoid the hassles related to money deposits and withdrawals as everything is online as cryptocurrency is based on blockchain technology.

Key Benefits

Decentralization — no single entity or government body controls the system, all the members of the blockchain are equally responsible for enforcing and approving all the transactions that happen on the blockchain.

Safety and Trust — all the transactions of a cryptocurrency are recorded on a distributed open ledger hence the trust amongst the users and stakeholders.

Security — Every transaction that happens is verified by all the members of the blockchain network and that helps in restricting manipulation.

One such platform that is able to disrupt this industry and take advantage of cryptocurrency being used on Fantasy Sports platforms is FANSPEL.


FANSPEL is the leading cryptocurrency fantasy sports platform that allows its users to play fantasy sports contests daily with the use of cryptocurrency, they cover all the major and minor contests in various sports such as Fantasy Football, Fantasy Cricket, Fantasy Baseball, and Fantasy Basketball.

Fanspel utilizes the blockchain to its fullest and has its native token too called FAN Token, FAN token allows the users of Fanspel to enter crypto fantasy sports contests on its platform and also pays out its winners in FAN token, due to this everything on Fanspel is extremely secure and stored in a ledger that is accessible to all users thus giving proof of all payouts and providing transparency to its users which is not generally provided by most platforms.

Fanspel even allows its users to stake FAN tokens at an 18% APY, thus providing utility to people apart from playing fantasy sports contests.

To stake and buy a FAN token check out www.fanspel.io/

FAN token is available on multiple platforms based on the BSC ( Binance Smart Chain ).

Thus if you also want to play fantasy sports contests on the leading crypto fantasy sports platform and win crypto just by unleashing your inner athlete check out — www.fanspel.com/



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Fanspel gaming platform is designed for sports fan to showcase their skills and knowledge about the sports. https://www.fanspel.com/