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What is better? Conventional Finance vs. Decentralized Finance

The one thing that new crypto investors frequently ask is, “How do crypto investments work?” Or, how can I get passive income with cryptocurrency investments? Decentralized Finance is the solution.

Decentralized finance is an open financial network built on open-source blockchain technologies. DeFi platforms provide crypto lending and borrowing alternatives for crypto investors interested in earning passive income from their crypto or other virtual digital asset holdings.

Decentralized finance systems function autonomously, with no involvement from a third party.

A DeFi platform is powered by pre-programmed software known as a ‘Smart Contract,’ which defines the rules of various types of transactions. Because this software is self-executing contracts, they provide a smooth financial solution.

Benefits of Decentralized Finance

  • DeFi services are available to everyone with a crypto wallet and an internet connection. Users may exchange and shift their assets anywhere they want and send them wherever they desire. One of the most crucial aspects of DeFi is borderless payments.
  • Transactions take place in real-time: When a transaction is completed, the blockchain network is updated, and interest rates are updated on a regular basis.
  • The transactions are clear: The blockchain explorer can follow every transaction on the blockchain. Transparency of transaction data means that any user may monitor network activities.
  • Users can keep possession of their assets. Users may tailor their investment strategy using non-custodial crypto wallets or smart contract-based escrow and intelligent contracts.
  • Some DeFi protocols are available as free sources. Some projects are public on platforms with open-source code, which developers and users may examine and understand.

Usage Of Decentralized Finance

  • P2P networks

Peer-to-Peer buying and selling make it extremely convenient for an individual to buy or sell his/her assets easily, the market and network are so huge that this process is extremely seamless. Apart from this, the next big thing in the P2P space is P2P lending and borrowing, the DeFi system removes all the intermediaries in these transactions and reduces borrowing and lending costs to the minimum therefore such a system has been getting widely adopted by a lot of people.

  • Payment Methods

The mass adoption of cryptocurrency and DeFi have replaced the traditional ways of payment for a lot of businesses around the world. It is extremely amazing how these methods are being used by big companies because it benefits them a lot.

  • Trading and Investment

Many investors and users of cryptocurrency have become full-time traders and left their traditional job as this has become a source of regular income for a lot of people who are able to assess the global cryptocurrency markets well.

Decentralized finance, or DeFi, manages financial transactions using cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. DeFi intends to democratise finance by replacing old, centralised institutions with peer-to-peer connections capable of providing a broad range of financial services, including ordinary banking, loans, and mortgages, as well as complex contractual interactions and asset trading.

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