Fanspel Token price Analysis :12 April 2021

The price of Fanspel(FAN) realized a bullish movement in the cryptocurrency market in the past week. At the start of April, the price continued a steady increase towards $0.27. However, the bulls could not maintain their upward trend as they dipped for a brief period at $0.26.

The price later increased and peaked at a higher level than its initial price of $0.27 recorded at the beginning of the week. In the next couple of sessions, FAN began to gain momentum, reaching new heights and breaking records. It initially rose to a strong price of $0.30, maintaining that momentum up to $0.31 without showing any signs of slowing down.

The bullish movement progressed as it hits $0.32 and at this point, investors have the potential to reap gains from their investment. Without any resistance, the bulls displayed no complacency as they continued to surge to new levels.

Throughout the week, FAN managed to push higher as it emerged at a record high near $0.34 which then progressed to $0.36 in mid-week. It continued to progress higher as it aims to get closer to its target objective at $0.40. After increasing to $0.36 in mid-week, FAN maintained its bullish trend and peaked at $0.39.

Towards the end of the past week, FAN saw a rapid surge in price moving past its initial target of 0.40 and peaking at $0.41. FAN currently trades at $0.51 and it’s looking to increase in price in the coming weeks.

In conclusion, it was a successful, bullish week for Fanspel investors all across the globe as they enjoyed potential gains from the favorable break of FAN in the crypto market.

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