Fanspel Token Price Analysis : 16 April 2021

Price Analysis

Fanspel realized a slight bearish return at the opening sessions of the week. But initiated a strong increase just above $0.42. It continued to press higher and maintained a steady increase until it formed a new height at about $0.47 against the US Dollar.

FAN intends to make its way towards its new target at $0.50 as it continued to increase, moving past $0.49 and finally peaking at $0.51. At this point, FAN has realized its proposed target and aims to break new barriers at higher valuations.

Just after the high was formed at $0.51, the pair started on a downward trend and recorded a low near the $0.48 benchmark. It continued in the downside direction, forming a low just behind the support at $0.47 and the price is now consolidating losses.

The bulls fought back and staged a rebound a few sessions later which saw the price of FAN rise to the $0.49 benchmark. They couldn’t maintain this momentum for long as the price dipped for a short period at $0.48 before dipping further at the $0.47 support.

The next couple of movements were bullish as the price steadily surged to $0.49. It then went on a downside trend for a few moments before rebounding at the $0.49 benchmark and peaking at the $0.50 resistance.

In the next few sessions during mid-week, the price tested the $0.50 resistance on several occasions but found it unable to break. The most significant move was registered at $0.46 where the price dipped for a notable period. It continued on this downward trend until arriving at $0.43, where the bulls prevailed and peaked at the $0.44 resistance. The upward trend wasn’t hanging around for long as the price saw an unexpected fall towards the $0.43 benchmark.

At the opening sessions of April 16, FAN enjoyed an unprecedented increase as its price move past the $0.45 bench-mark to peak at the resistance formed at $0.46. Moreover, after reaching the $0.45 resistance, the price went on a downward trend and dipped at about $0.43.

FAN tested the support at $0.43 and progressed higher to peak at $0.45. The price then went on a series of downward movements ending at $0.42. A high was then formed at the $0.43 support that progressed steadily to peak at the $0.44 bench-mark for a couple of hours.

A series of downside moves were realized that dipped the price to about $0.430, but the bulls are pulling the price up as FAN is currently trading at $0.433, just above the preceding mark.

In conclusion, it has been a highly volatile week for Fanspel investors as the price experienced unpredictable and unprecedented movements. Potential gains and consolidated losses are to be encountered by Fanspel investors all over the globe.

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