At the start of the week, Fanspel stabilized at the $0.45 mark after breaking the resistance at $0.40. Fanspel has been fluctuating at various price levels since then, rewarding gains and consolidating losses to Fanspel investors across the globe.

On April 20, the price picked up from the downtrend of the previous trading day and dropped back to the $0.40 resistance which has been dominant in the previous sessions. The bulls later pulled through, making the resistance at $0.40 a support which maintained a strong bullish trend to about $0.43. After the strong upward trend at $0.43, and even stronger downtrend was recorded which broke the support at $0.40 and emerged at about $0.40 below the support.

A very volatile week, as the bulls took charge of the next couple of sessions. First, a remarkable uptrend was established which increased the price to $0.42. Then a series of uptrends followed at price levels of $0.43, $0.44, which peaked at $0.49 respectively. A few bearish lines then took the price down to about $0.48 before it rebounded to $0.49, which marked the closing for April 20.

At the start of the next trading day on April 21, the bears prevailed bringing the price down to about $0.48. The downtrend only lasted for a short period before the bulls broke the resistance at $0.49 to emerge at a price close to its record high at $0.50. In the next few sessions, the price kept fluctuating until the bulls picked the price from the $0.49 low and raised it to a remarkable record high of $0.51.

The price then fell to the $0.48 low and commenced a rebound which broke the $0.49 resistance but reached a price just above the resistance. After a failed attempt to bounce back to the $0.51 high, the price dropped heavily and dipped at the $0.45 mark. At this point, investors were put on the fence about whether they should buy the dips or close their positions to avoid further losses.

On the opening sessions of April 22, the price took a different turn, rebounding from the strong dump of the previous day and peaking at about $0.47. The next couple of sessions presented a lot of uncertainty to investors, as the price fluctuated on various levels before reaching the $0.46 low when the price picked up an uptrend that surged to $0.48.

After a sequence of minor up trends and downtrends, the most significant movement on the chart was formed at the $0.48 mark, when the price of Fanspel went on a strong dump to $0.41. Many other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, and Dogecoin also experienced this dump as the cryptocurrency markets went full-on bearish.

The bulls fought back as they took the price from the$0.41 low to the $0.43 high, which was resisted by the bears. The price pulled back to the $0.40 low which established support for the bulls. A rebound from the $0.40 support was recorded which peaked at about $0.41 but fell heavily to the $0.39 mark.

Presently, FAN token is trading at $0.42 at the time of writing which is an indication that is it currently in a smooth upward trend. It is advisable to maintain your position because FAN is looking to bounce back from that strong dip during mid-week and maintain higher positions over time.