The price continued on a downtrend by the opening hours of Friday until reaching the 0.40 support. The bulls then raised the price from the support to about $0.42 which only lasted for a short period. After an unsuccessful effort to raise the price back to high standards, the price fell back to the 0.42 support.

A weak uptrend resurfaced but was subdued by a strong bearish trend which reduced the price to the $0.39 low. The bulls later pulled through, maintaining a strong bullish course that surged to about $0.43. After the increase to $0.43, the price went down to a low of $0.41 before rebounding to $0.42. The price dropped again for a few moments, establishing its position at about $0.41 before bouncing back to the $0.43 high.

In the next couple of sessions, the bulls took control raising the price to the $0.44 high. The following sequence of movements on the chart saw the price fluctuate at various levels until emerging at the $0.42 low, before starting up a strong uptrend that rebounded the price to $0.44.

The price took a bearish turn after emerging at the $0.44 mark, bringing it to the 0.41 low. The bulls fought back and brought the price to $0.42 before falling strongly to the $0.40 low.

The price picked up from the downtrend from the previous session at $0.40 and surged upwards to $0.43. After the uptrend established at $0.43, the bears took charge of the next few sessions bringing the price down to $0.41.

In conclusion, Fanspel is currently trading at $0.45 after a strong bullish course initiating from the closing on Sunday to the opening on Monday. Fanspel investors have a lot to look up to this week as the price is expected to maintain its bullish course and deliver potential returns.

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