FAN has seen exiting bullish movement in recent weeks as it currently trades at $ 0.34. It intends to make its way towards the $0.40 benchmark after rebounding from downward trend of $0.21 in the previous week and peaking at $0.33 at the beginning of the new week.

Since its peak earlier this week, which formed a resistance near the $0.33 benchmark, the token price has seen a recent downward movement when paired against the US Dollar.

In the past few sessions, Fanspel recorded a rise to $0.14 which later went on a downward trend for short period ending at 0.13. It later formed a high from the $0.13 benchmark which peaked at $0.18.

A low is formed near 0.17 but didn’t last for long. It then created support at $0.17 which was tested but eventually broke, going on a downward trend to about $0.16 for a few hours.

FAN price started going bullish on unexpected levels after breaking the support at $0.17. It saw a prolonged upward movement from $0.16 which peaked at $0.20. It didn’t stop there as it maintained a strong start from $0.20 and went on a streak to $0.24. That was a profitable week for FAN as the price went bullish for a long time before entering the new week.

After the strong upward trend in the past week, the price of FAN started to depreciate and consolidate losses as it started on a downward trend periodically until it touches the $0.22 benchmark. To escape this bearish movement, the price must clear the $0.23 resistance level and continue in that trend to test a support at $0.25. It did exactly that as it peaked at $0.25, then went downwards for a short period stopping at $0.24.

A strong bullish trend is now recorded from the $0.24 benchmark, moving past its previous limit at $0.25 and peaking at $0.28. However, the upward trend wasn’t hanging around for long as the price saw an unexpected fall towards the $0.21 benchmark.

The next couple of movements from $0.21 were bullish as the market experienced a series of bullish movements for several cryptocurrencies that particular week. The price broke a resistance barrier at $0.27 and went on to peak at a record 0.33. Right now, the price is going on a downward trend and is currently stationed at $0.32. It is expected to bounce back and maintain a bullish movement in no time.

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