Fantasy Crypto | Staking

Fantasy crypto is a new style of a management gaming platform that involves Fantasy Sports and Cryptocurrencies.

The Fantasy sports market worldwide is valued at a whopping 20.6 Billion USD with a CAGR of approximately 13%, whereas the cryptocurrency industry has over 300 million users worldwide.

Cryptocurrency and Fantasy Sports both are on their way to mass adoption with Fantasy Sports already being a really big market and cryptocurrency emerging to be a big market. This fusion ought to be amazing.

Fantasy sports that use cryptocurrency are a good way for newbies and beginners to enter this ever-growing industry of cryptocurrency.

Fantasy Sports players can do so by using the amazing and revolutionary app called FANSPEL.

Fantasy Crypto Sports utility token- FANSPEL

FANSPEL enables Fantasy sports players to play their favourite Fantasy sports games by the use of cryptocurrency

FANSPEL has its native cryptocurrency called FAN Token it is made on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) and is available for purchase on various major platforms.

FAN Token is what essentially allows this bridge between crypto and fantasy sports to connect and is the mode of payment and rewards on the FANSPEL app.

You can purchase FAN here —

FANSPEL allows its users to participate in various contests in the field of Fantasy Cricket, Fantasy Football, Fantasy Basketball, and Fantasy Baseball

FANSPEL covers every game and caters to every need of a Fantasy Sports player.

How to get FAN Tokens?

  • Log in on Fanspel App
  • Click on the Left corner then click on the “Account” section
  • Add BNB coin to wallet
  • Click on the top right corner (three dots) there is a swap function
  • Click on “Swap” then swap the BNB coin to the FAN token.

You can check the price of FAN here —

FAN is not only limited to Fantasy Sports

Even though its main utility is to encourage the use of crypto in Fantasy Sports making it one of the best Fantasy sports apps in the market in terms of usability, privacy, and safety of the user, it’s not only limited to Fantasy Sports.

FANSPEL allows its users and investors to earn passive income in another way as well by the use of staking.

Staking is a feature of cryptocurrencies that enables them to be more than just a simple token. It allows its users to earn a fixed amount of money annually by depositing/locking their cryptocurrencies with the Staking platform.

FANSPEL gives its users a staggering 18% APY making it one of the best cryptocurrency staking platforms with its native token.

It is very easy to stake and store the FAN token as they have their wallet called FAN wallet which makes these transactions much easier for all the people that are interested in such a program.

FANSPEL’s Flexi staking modes allow its users to flexibility stake and take out their earnings whenever they want to.

You can stake fan at —

FANSPEL is rapidly planning to expand and has an amazing roadmap planned for its users and the world of fantasy sports and cryptocurrency

You can check out their roadmap at

Thus I would like to conclude that Fanspel intrigues me as I am an active player in fantasy sports and thus I would personally recommend this revolutionary platform to everyone who wants to learn about cryptocurrency and also play their favourite fantasy sports.




Fanspel gaming platform is designed for sports fan to showcase their skills and knowledge about the sports.