Fantasy Sports with Cryptocurrency, will it change the industry?

Fantasy Sports, one of the biggest industries in terms of online sports play is in for a treat as new players with amazing ideas enter this market. Although with a lot of boundaries and taxation this market is getting tough for the users this is why it’s necessary for crypto, a decentralized framework to hop in and completely change the game.

The current fantasy sports market is expected to grow by 13.9% CAGR and is expected to reach 48.6 Billion USD by 2027. Such a fast-growing market merging with another fast-growing world of cryptocurrency and web3 would completely revolutionize the way fantasy sports work. The biggest demographic being 25–40 would also easily adapt to these new-age ways of playing and engaging in fantasy sports contests.

Recently I came across this website and app called which completely disrupts these boundaries and also calls for Fairplay as well as complete assurance of safety and anonymity.

Fanspel is a service offering fantasy sports gameplay with the help of crypto and new-age utilities of crypto tokens.

Why choose fanspel over traditional fantasy sports apps?

Fanspel uses cryptocurrency as a means of the transaction thus enabling the audience reach to worldwide therefore engaging players from all over the world and having a much better level playing field and competition. You can transact globally without having any issues with a certain currency or being bound to limits.

Complete transparency as you would know that the player making the transaction has actually interacted with the smart contract due to all transactions being present on the blockchain.

Fanspel is based on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) and has its own token as well called FAN.

What is FAN?

Fanspel Token is a blockchain innovation that provides direct utility and a complete fantasy sports experience by merging the cryptocurrency and fantasy sports world. Fanspel platform was launched in July 2020 and is based on the Binance Smart Chain. It is a network consisting of genuine people and amazing integration of Fantasy Sports.

FAN essentially is the mode of play and exchange on Fanspel and is created on the BSC with proper audits and reports which are available on FAN is even available on Pancakeswap which is one of the biggest coin swapping exchanges and it is extremely easy to buy FAN.

They even have their own wallet called FAN Wallet which stores your FAN token which can be further used for entering their contests on the website or app.

You can check the price, market cap, and total supply at BSC Scan.

Click here —

During the offseason or during a break from fantasy sports you can even Stake their token at an 18% APY for 1 year. They have multiple staking options too thus providing a package experience in terms of utility and usage.

Their lucrative deposit bonuses such as the one going on right now for the BBL(Big Bash League) one of the most entertaining and celebrated T20 leagues based in Australia make it a perfect fit for any fantasy sports player to start using Fanspel for all their Fantasy Sports needs.

They have multiple games and contests running in sports such as cricket, football, baseball, and basketball with a future update of more sports incoming this is a perfect platform that would cater to all needs in Fantasy Sports.

If you are an influencer that is into fantasy sports their attractive referral program which offers up to a 10% bonus on the deposits of the person who joins via your referral link makes it an amazing platform to earn FAN tokens and dive into the crypto world without having much knowledge about it due to their amazing integration with fantasy sports.

Therefore I would like to conclude by saying that this amazing industry with a lot of growth and potential is in for a treat by the biggest wave of technology called cryptocurrencies diving into it with actual utilities and usage instead of crypto just being another token or mode of payment.



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