How To Play Fantasy Cricket on Fanspel

3 min readJul 8, 2021

Playing at Fanspel takes the following simple steps:

  • Select Match
  • Select League, Select Contest
  • Create Team, Elect Captain and Vice-Captain
  • Pay and enter the contest
  • Watch Live your team Play and Compete
  1. Select match
Select math

The user can either simply click on the match to pick it or use the drop-down option to search for it by series

The timer for a match displays how much time the user has left to enter a fantasy contest for that match. Any competition that a user has not entered will expire after the given remaining time has passed and will no longer be available for selection/participation by the user.

Users should select a match for participation as soon as possible, lest contests/matches expire or, in the event of a tie in scores, users with the same scores receive a lower rank, which is established in chronological order of the timestamp of registration for the match/contest.

2. Select League, Select Contest

Each fantasy cricket league has many contests from which the user can choose and play fantasy cricket. For a match to be played, the user can choose from a variety of leagues and tournaments. After deciding on a preferred league, the user can select it from a drop-down menu, sort the contests for that league, and then select the contest of their choice.

3. Create Team

After deciding on a contest to enter, the user should put together their winning squad. Only a limited number of players (batsman, bowler, wicket keeper, and all-rounder) would be permitted. After picking the 11 players for the squad as described above, the user must choose a Captain and Vice-Captain; the captain earns 2x the points, and the vice-Captain earns 1.5x the points. Finally, the user must save the team when it has been created.

4. Pay and Contest

After completing the team creation or saving process, the user will be prompted for payment, which they can do from My Wallet if there is sufficient balance on the required credits or buy/add additional credits. To register for the contest and play, the user must first make the necessary payments.

5. Watch Live Your Team Play and Compete

In My Contest, the user can choose a contest to see their team’s current score; during a live match, the team’s score and rank are updated/refreshed automatically as the match unfolds. Additionally, users can view competing teams by going to the leader board and clicking any other user’s name at any moment throughout the match to see their team and player-wise points.


Fantasy sports opens a perspective into what professional sports general managers look for when putting together and managing their teams. As a result, you’ve developed a new level of interest in sports. As soon as you begin playing, you’ll probably be interested not only in your favorite team’s triumphs and losses but also in the individual performances of players across the league, possibly even on your favorite team’s opponent.

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