Messi to Earn in Crypto at PSG

In news that shook the globe, brought out different emotions, tears, and painful farewells as one of the greatest players to ever kick the ball left his boyhood club Barcelona. A few days after the official press conference to confirm his departure, Messi signed a two-year deal with French giants, Paris Saint-Germain where he rejoins his former teammate Neymar Jr. What was so exciting about this deal was the fact that Messi may be compensated in cryptocurrency, which is a huge win for the crypto world.

A report shows that on Messi’s contract, there’s an inclusion of tokens owned by fans of Paris Saint-Germain. Before now, the club had announced in a statement that the tokens are part of the incentives used to welcome a new player and sometimes could even be the signing-on fee for the player. The source of these PSG’s tokens is, which is a popular token platform for fans.

Although the detailed information about the token’s position of the contract isn’t made public yet by the club. What this means is Lionel Messi has joined the cryptocurrency market, and we hope for a positive impact.

The value of these tokens is between $29million and $35million. According to the club’s statement, they made it known that it was a significant amount of tokens that was included in the contract.

PSG introduced fan tokens a year ago to grow and maintain their fan community. While the fans enjoy some decision-making rights, the club is gaining value for its tokens. A fan who owns a token has the right to a motivational quote on the wall of the player’s dressing room. More so, they influence some of the operational decisions of the club. They can also get the opportunity to make video calls with their favorite players in the club.

What does this mean?

Following Messi’s arrival at the club and the token involvement in his deal, the value of the $PSG tokens has increased tremendously. According to some reports, the value has increased three times than it has ever increased in a while.

The effect of this deal may inspire other football giants to start looking towards the possibility of generating fan tokens. While it’s a good way of generating revenue for the club, it’s a nice way of involving your fans and making them feel important.

As a result, other clubs try to get their tokens customized on the same platform, The influence has gotten to England as Manchester City launched their customized tokens earlier this year, and of course, more and more clubs will join the train.

For the crypto world, it means that there are more and more investments in the currency, and as such, more trust is building up, and the value is increasing.

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