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Will Cryptocurrency play a major role in the Daily Fantasy Sports market?

It is extremely likely that you have heard the terms cryptocurrency and bitcoin, but is it exactly and how can it play a role in the lucrative industry of daily fantasy sports?

Bitcoin is a form of a cryptocurrency or digital token, it is created and it is held electronically as well, Bitcoin is not produced physically like dollars or other forms of fiat currency.

Bitcoins have a limited supply and cannot be produced or printed as and when there is demand, this scarcity is what makes it special and drives the price of such digital assets, the way for these scarce tokens to come into circulation is via the blockchain when a group of computers around the world solve a complicated mathematical problem, this causes bitcoin to be mined which in turn increase circulation.

Many mainstream websites such as Tesla and gambling websites have started accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

But did you know that daily fantasy sports can also adapt to these new-age technologies and tokens?

Let’s take a look at one of the leading cryptocurrency fantasy sports platforms, FANSPEL, which allows its users to play daily fantasy sports contests.

FANSPEL and what is it

FANSPEL is the best cryptocurrency fantasy sports platform that hosts daily fantasy sports contests and allows its users to enter these contests with the use of cryptocurrency, even the winners of these contests get paid in cryptocurrency. You can play daily fantasy sports on FANSPEL in various sports such as fantasy cricket, fantasy football, fantasy basketball, and fantasy baseball.

They use the new age blockchain technology to make this possible as well as other technologies, this concept seems extremely interesting.

The cryptocurrency industry is getting mainstream and the daily fantasy sports industry is growing rapidly which makes this one of the best combinations for the growth of both industries.

How is it possible?

Fanspel has their native token called FAN Token, which is the main mode of payment used to enter these contests on the Fanspel app, FAN token is created and built on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) this allows this token to gain cross-compatibility on the BSC and also gives it its own identity, FAN token is easily available for purchase on various platforms such as PancakeSwap.

It is Certik certified which ensures the safety and legitimacy of this project. They have lucrative plans and want to make this an economy of its own for the daily fantasy sports world.

You can store all your FAN tokens on the FAN wallet which is the primary wallet created by the FANSPEL team to store, trade, swap, and buy the FAN token.

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