What does Fanspel have to offer fantasy sports fans?

Fanspel is a decentralized fantasy sports initiative that is only getting started. We intend to provide a platform where anyone may play fantasy sports with cryptocurrency. Our native cryptocurrency, $FAN, will be utilized for all platform transactions.

We aim at creating a diverse platform, that has everything you need and we have already developed a wallet for that purpose: our wallet was developed to ease fantasy sports transactions. We will get to it in a bit; first, let’s get you acquainted with fantasy sports and Fanspel first!

Fantasy sports in a nutshell mean playing online with real people in your imaginary team and earning rewards. There are many platforms for fantasy sports; however, Fanspel is an all-in-one package because of the following points about Fanspel:

• Most of the characteristics are based on real players of real-life games.
• Every player plays against several teams. Players themselves are team managers.
• Real-life statistics and outcomes are used to determine the earned points.
• Users have the right to drop and choose new players within their teams.
• Team members can be traded using buying or selling within the same game. Managers don’t need any specific reason for dropping or adding a player.
• You can play with people from other regions, states, and countries.
Fanspel’s wallet, as mentioned before, makes it easier for swift transactions between people of different regions. Here are a few characteristics of our wallet:
• Our wallet has the option of swapping, liquidity, and fast transactions. Therefore, despite being on opposite ends of the world, you can still buy a player.
• BNB and FAN tokens are accepted within our wallets. You can always use our liquidity to convert your FANs to USD.
• We allow low instant payments to anyone in the world.
• We have a built-in global payment option as well.
It is safe to say that fantasy sports and Fanspel’s wallet go hand in hand. With this dynamic combination, you would never have to worry about fraud and losing your money.

Join hands with us today and enter a world of opportunities!

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