What is Fantasy Sports?

The vast popularity of professional sports has inspired other ways for sports fans to enjoy their favorite sports, teams, and players. Fantasy sports are one-way fans can enjoy their preferred sports away from the stadium or pitch. Fantasy sports is simply a platform made up of a couple of participants who compete with each other based on results from real-life sporting events and competitions. It is a multi-billion-dollar business that is gaining a lot of attention from sports fans across the globe. Participants of fantasy sports are known as ‘managers’ and they compete in renowned competitions such as the English Premier League (EPL), Indian Premier League (IPL), National Basketball league, National football league, and so on. Today, American football makes up about 37% of fantasy teams which is twice any other sport. This is because of the huge audience of people that tune in for football games each week. Some common fantasy sports platforms are Fanspel and yahoo fantasy sports.

How does Fantasy Sports work?

The concept is quite easy to understand. It usually starts as a draft when managers pick out real players of their choice or are randomly assigned players to assembly a fantasy team.

During a sports season, managers are assigned points based on the performance of their pre-selected team in real-life competitions. Managers track the performance of their fantasy team using online applications and websites. They can either play private leagues with their friends or compete with other people in a public league.

How to play Fantasy sports?

The most important factor to consider when choosing a player is statistics and the current form of the player. Stats determine the expected potential of the player’s performance. For example, in Football, statistics such as assists, goals, clean sheets, and appearances are valuable information to take note of when choosing players in your fantasy team.

Before the season starts, a pre-defined set of rules of how each player’s statistics will be calculated. Based on the rules of the fantasy platform, managers can select a certain number of players to be on their team. These players make up the team under the supervision of the fantasy sports manager.

During the sports season, it is important to evaluate and check each player’s performance throughout the season if their current form can improve or reduce the total points of your team.

Fantasy sports gives a glimpse of real-life managerial duties in professional sports. It offers an alternate reality where you can become a professional sports manager that gathers a team of a certain number of players and manage them to win competitions.

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Fantasy sports is a platform for sports fans to enjoy their favorite sport and team away from the stadium or arena. This article gives an insight into the concept of fantasy sports and what makes it so interesting.

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